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“When you acknowledge, as you must, that there is no such thing as perfect food, only the idea of it, then the real purpose of striving toward perfection becomes clear: to make people happy, that is what cooking is all about.”
– Thomas Keller

Chef Matt Bumba

Chef/Owner - Matt Bumba

While growing up, Matt always had a passion for food and cooking. Starting as a kid watching his grandmother cook for family dinners, he would sit and watch – enjoying the smells and tastes that came with it. He started to focus in on cooking shows, watching Julia Child and Jacques Pépin. As he grew up, he started reading cookbooks and trying the recipes on weekends. This eventually lead to his first job answering phones at a pizzeria in his hometown of Tinley Park. After finally getting the chance to work the appetizer station, he was hooked.

Although he pursued a career in the automotive industry after graduating from high school, he quickly found that he couldn’t avoid being in a kitchen. He enrolled in the Kendall College Culinary Arts Program, and while there, he picked up a catering job for the Goose Island Beer Company. From there, various cooking jobs eventually led to an opportunity at Walt Disney World in Florida. Gaining experience in fine dining at Epcot’s Le Cellier, he continued to focus on that refinement after moving back to Chicago, working at The Aviary in Chicago and Vie Restaurant in Western Springs.

Working at Vie, Matt gained the knowledge and appreciation of farmers and their products. With the support of friends and family, he partnered with his brother Luc to open their first restaurant together. At Solstice, he continues to focus on quality, from-scratch cooking, keeping the food seasonal and local whenever possible.


Chef Matt Bumba

General Manager & Co-Owner - Lucas Bumba

As a kid growing up in Tinley Park, Lucas’s first passion, much unlike his brother, was not food. It was dreams of October baseball and the ivy of Wrigley Field that filled Lucas’s head. As with most kids baseball was not a viable option as a future, so in search of a calling he pursued his love of history. Following high school Lucas studied History at the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana.

During his sophomore year, he began working as a doorman at Firehaus Bar and Grill. Over the next two years he rose to bar back and eventually bartender. Despite previous jobs in the Restaurant Industry, it was at Firehaus that Lucas’s love affair with the Industry began. Finding himself wholly consumed with everything bartending Lucas seemed to have found the calling. He took his next step in the Hospitality Industry by packing up and heading south to begin working for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida. It would be Lucas’s time at the Walt Disney Company that taught him the finer points of hospitality.

After two years Lucas returned to Chicago, with a wealth of knowledge and experience gained while working for Disney. It would be the lessons learned over the past 5 years that led to Lucas's next position at Paul Virant’s brand new restaurant, Vistro. After being hired on as a barback, Lucas’s knowledge, experience and passion led him to rise quickly to server and then, after only two short months, to manager. Lucas draws from his experiences working in an array of different environments as he embarks upon this journey with his brother Matt. With a love of all things food, and a desire to bring people together over a good meal, a hot cup of coffee or a cold beer, Lucas opens the doors of Solstice. Cheers!

“When we eat together, when we set out to do so deliberately, life is better, no matter what your circumstances.”
– Thomas Keller


Sostice partners with the best local farms, butchers, and greenhouses to supply our seasonal ingredients.
Perkins Custom Cuts
Slagel Farms
Red Hen Bakery
Stans Donuts


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